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Formerly Country Fresh Farms


Offering Organic Goodness in Every Bite


100% Grass Fed Farm Fresh Beef!

Our cows are high quality Angus. Except for salt and minerals, and some high-quality supplemental hay in the winter months, they are entirely grass fed on lush, green pastures in the Ozarks.

The steers are butchered in the fall of each year when they are about 18 months old. Each steer usually weighs around 1000 pounds when butchered.


Healthy. Humane. Natural.

At Critter Creek Farms, we take raising beef seriously. We only run the number of cattle that our pastures can sustain, while remaining healthy and viable. We practice rotational grazing and holistic health practices whenever possible.  Our cattle are raised and finished on grass, and fed high quality alfalfa and grass hay during the winter months. We do not use synthetic fertilizers or chemicals on our farm. We butcher in the fall of every year and sell beef by the 1/4, half, or whole. This is a cost savings to you, and a way to fill your freezer! Contact us today for pricing and availability.  

Here at Critter Creek we closely follow Dr. Mercola for his writings of health facts. Please check out his article about grass fed beef here!

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