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Offering Organic Goodness in Every Bite


We are excited for March, 2024 puppies! We are expecting our first litter of Pyredoodle pups from Misha (Great Pyrenees and Max (Standard Poodle).  Contact Michelle at 720.318.2763 or today! Reservations are going quick so we look forward to hearing from you.

Our Pyredoodle Pups

Our mission at Critter Creek Farms, LLC. is to provide families with the ultimate puppy companion that will be with them for years to come. Many families have welcomed our Great Pyrenees pups as either a companion or as Livestock Guardians. For those who are looking for a pet, the Pyredoodle is a perfect choice as they are  hypoallergenic with minimal shedding.  Pyredoodles, are a mix between a Standard Poodle and  Great Pyrenees. The puppies are highly intelligent, loyal, and easy to train, making them perfect for  service dog training. We ensure that all our puppies are well-socialized, comfortable around children and other pets, and are ready for their new family.

Meet Max, he is the sire of our Pyredoodle puppies. He is about 80 lb., raised on a farm and loves people.

Max is handsome, playful, and has a fabulous disposition. He is very smart and quick to learn. 

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Misha is the dam of our Pyredoodles. She has champion bloodlines in her AKC lineage, and loves to explore and take walks. She is a extraordinary Mama to her pups and our most diligent guardian. She is constantly walking the property perimeter and sleeps with the goats. She loves attention but is also independent. She also has a super thick coat and a gorgeous, curling tail. She is a good sized girl at 100 lb. 

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