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Offering Organic Goodness in Every Bite


We are excited for March, 2024 puppies from Ms. Pip and Big Mo. Happy to add you to our Pyrenees family! Contact Michelle at 720.318.2763 or by email today! Reservations are going quick so we look forward to hearing from you.



Our AKC Great Pyrenees

After years of having the wrong kind of dog we decided we needed to get the right kind of dog. One that would protect our livestock, especially our chickens from the voracious appetites of the coyotes, raccoon or skunks.  In addition, this dog needed to be great with kids and a loving family pet. After doing our research, we decided that a Great Pyrenees was the perfect dog for us. It was love at first sight and love still. We cannot say enough good about the breed. They are protective, loyal and extremely loving. Our Grandkids take naps on them. They go for walks with us. And they keep us in eggs because our chickens who free range can finally live long enough to produce!



About our Great Pyrenees

Our dogs have very healthy pups because we feed raw beef and bones, raw goats milk and our eggs. All products raised right here at Critter Creek Farms are made possible because the dogs protect the livestock! Dogs also have free choice kibble. All our dogs are working LGD'S and have been raised with livestock. They have wonderful, calm temperaments, love people and can either be a forever pet and/or a wonderful guardian.


Our AKC puppies come with shots, worming and wellness vet checks.  We also offer overnight accommodations complementary for our puppy families with a farm fresh breakfast. Come experience the gorgeous Ozarks and meet the puppies and make new farm friends

Big Mo

Big Mo

Moses is our handsome, breeding male with an amazing personality. He loves people and is very willing to please. But don't let that fool you, he is also a fierce guardian and proudly showed his skills by recently eliminating a possum that threatened our flock! He listens to commands well and can be walked off lease. He has a gorgeous, thick coat and loves to smile.  Moses is also the star of his own children's book: The Magical Box, a Country Fresh Farms Tale.

Our Girls

Our Girls